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Offseason Blueprint v 2.0

Wow – that sure didn’t take long!!! Our first blush stab at a “quick-fix” to help the Braves become relevant next season swept under the rug before Coppygate exploded and the first week of postseason play in October had been completed. Everyone’s no doubt been inundated with informative stories – as well as suppositions – surrounding questionable happenings under John Coppolella, and since the MLB investigation into the franchise’s international signing processes there’s little reason for us to continue discussing something no one has a handle on yet here.

Instead, we’ll investigate another potential approach for John Hart, his choice to replace Coppy, or our favorite potential Captain of the ship – Dayton Moore – to consider as they try to move things forward.

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Early Offseason Blueprint


As the regular season winds down, thoughts begin to drift to the not-so-distant hot stove season. As some parts of the Braves’ Opening Day 2018 roster have become clearer, here’s a little bit of daydreaming for Coppy And Company to focus on as soon as the chanpagne in this year’s World Series Champion locker room begins to dry up… Continue reading

Braves’ Prospect Hot Sheet – Week Ending 4/21/2017

Our first Hot Sheet of the 2017 season will encompass the system’s hottest players over the first couple of weeks of the campaign. Going forward, you’ll be able to check back here for the hottest players of each week as usual. As always, this isn’t a “re-ranking” of When Sid Slid’s Top 30, simply the hottest players in the system in any given week during the season.

As is often typical early in the season, the Pitchers tend to be a bit ahead of the hitters – and that’s certainly the case with the game’s most loaded group of hurlers. The arms, they are a coming!!!

So, away we go…

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Braves’ Organizational Depth Chart – Pre-Trade Deadline 2016


Here’s a quick look at where the organization stands prior to what could be a busy week during the rebuild. Even if the Braves aren’t particularly active on the trade market, we could be getting closer to some veterans being released to provide opportunities for some of the youngsters to get their feet wet at the MLB level with an eye towards Opening Day 2017 at SunTrust Park. This is not a reflection of our Midseason Top 30 Prospects which will be unveiled following the deadline.

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Could Trading Shelby Miller Actually Make The Braves Competitive Quicker?

The games have begun, and we now wait to see who blinks first. Several confirmed reports say the Braves and Cubs had been talking about a trade centered around Shelby Miller and Jorge Soler (before the announcement that Chicago had agreed to a 2 year/$32 million deal with John Lackey last night), and Jerry Crasnick has reported that the Braves may just hold onto Miller for now to see what happens as the market unfolds. We’ve seen this time and time again – teams seem to line up pretty well, but one or the other pulls back for a little bit to see if they can squeeze just a little bit more value for their guy since the other team needs him more. Many of the “experts” felt that Jorge Soler alone probably wasn’t quite enough alone to merit trading Miller from the Braves’ perspective (and I have to agree with them – of course I’m also a Braves fan) – Atlanta controls Miller for three more seasons, and interest in him has never been higher – but also needs controllable impact bats to help complete their rebuild. Soler definitely fits that profile, but also comes with question marks as well – specifically a high (25+%) K-Rate and marginal defensive value. That said, there’s another powerful right-handed power bat out there (who’s widely speculated to be “unavailable” – as if there was such a thing) who just so happens to belong to a team desperately looking to add to its rotation but really only shopping for 0-3 SPs. That player of course is Aaron Judge, and his team is the New York Yankees.

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2015 Off-Season Tote Board

Just so everyone can try to keep up with the whirlwind winter and early spring Braves’ retooling/rebuilding/etc., here are the deals up to this point in a nutshell…

Braves’ Additions:

Nick Markakis (4 years), Dian Toscano (5 years), Jason Grilli (2 years), Jim Johnson (1 year), Shelby Miller (4 years), A. J. Pierzynski (1 year), Tyrell Jenkins (6 years) (now our #11 prospect according to MLB Pipeline), Daniel Winkler (6 years) (now our #27 prospect according to MLB Pipeline),  Max Fried (6 years) (now our #6 prospect according to MLB Pipeline), Jace Peterson (6 years) (reportedly being given a chance to win the 2B job in camp), Dustin Peterson (6 years) (now our #18 prospect according to MLB Pipeline), Mallex Smith (6 years) (now our #17 prospect according to MLB Pipeline), Aaron Kurcz (6 years), Arodys Vizcaino (6 years) (now our #16 prospect according to MLB Pipeline), Manny Banuelos (6 years) (now our #12 prospect according to MLB Pipeline), Eric Stults (1 year), Josh Outman (2 years) (makes Avilan expendable IF they were being offered a decent return), Ricardo Sanchez (6 years) (now our #10 prospect according to MLB Pipeline), Mike Foltyniewicz (6 years) (now our #3 prospect according to MLB Pipeline), Rio Ruiz (6 years) (now our #7 prospect according to MLB Pipeline), Andrew Thurman (6 years) (now our #21 prospect according to MLB Pipeline), Jose Briceno (6 years) (now our #22 prospect according to MLB Pipeline), Trevor Cahill (3 years), Cameron Maybin (3 years), Matt Wisler (6 years) (now our #2 prospect according to MLB Pipeline), and Jordan Paroubeck (6 years) (now our #24 prospect according to MLB Pipeline). Plus $830,000 to spend on International signings (from Cubs) – some of which used to sign SS Isranel Wilson (5 tool projection), OF Leudys Baez, RHP Jhoniel Sepulveda, and SS Alex Aquino (trained with Robinson Cano’s Dad). Plus 2015 draft picks #41 (Padres’ Competitive Balance Round A – slot value of $1,506,400) and #75 (Diamondbacks’ Competitive Balance Round B – slot value of $814,300).

Braves’ Subtractions:

Jason Heyward (1 year), Justin Upton (1 year), Jordan Walden (2 years), David Carpenter (3 years), Evan Gattis (4 years), Anthony Varvaro (4 years), Tommy La Stella (5 years), Chasen Shreve (5 years), Kyle Kubitza (6 years), Nate Hyatt (6 years), James Hoyt (6 years), David Hale (5 years), Josh Elander (6 years), Craig Kimbrel (4 years), and Melvin Upton (3 years).